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Kumpulan Fitur dan Perintah di Google Now

Sebelumnya saya sudah membahas tentang Apa itu Google now, untuk kali ini saya akan menjabarkan lebih jauh tentang bagaimana menggunakannya, fitur-fitur menarik dan perintah yang dapat anda gunakan di google now. oke berikut listnya

kumpulan-perintah-dan-fiturgoogle-nowCara menggunakan Google Now

Pertama anda perlu menginstall aplikasi google jika belum tersedia, setelah terinstall buka aplikasi tersebut lalu klik pada ikon mic. maka akan tampil pengaturan awal untuk google now. setelah di setting maka google now dapat langsung digunakan.

Kumpulan Perintah dan fitur google now

Daftar Isi

Perintah pada Aplikasi tertentu

Google now dapat digunakan untuk memberikan perintah pada aplikasi yang lain yang sudah terinstall di smartphone anda seperti mengirim pesan , membuka aplikasi atau mencari data di aplikasi tersebut. berikut contohnya

“Send a [WhatsApp] message to [Andrew Paine]” (you’ll also have to say “Yes” to confirm the sending)

Perintah diatas adalah contoh untuk mengirim pesan di whatsapp dan dapat juga di gunakan aplikasi pengirim pesan lainnya seperti  WeChat, Telegram, Hangouts, Viber dan  lainnya. selain itu ada juga format lain yang bisa digunakan seperti

  • “Send a [WhatsApp] message to [Chris]”
  • “Send a [Telegram] message to [Grace]”
  • “Send a message with [NextPlus]”
  • “Search for [document name] in Drive”
  • “Set the temperature to [X] degrees” (only works with Nest)
  • “Show me [Bill Gates] on Flixster”
  • “Listen to BBC One”
  • “Send a message to [Dad] with [Viber]”
  • “Shazam this song”
  • “Open TuneIn in car mode”
  • “Show Instacart availability”
  • “Show attractions near Prague in TripAdvisor”
  • “Activate work mode in Wink”
  • “Scan my receipt in Macy’s”
  • “Open [Instagram]”
  • “Launch [Calendar]”
  • “Take a [photo / picture / selfie]”
  • “Record a video”

Menyimpan Preferensi

Google now juga memiliki fitur untuk mengingat perintah yang biasa kita gunakan.  seperti saat kita memberikan perintah ” OK Google, scan my receipt in Starbucks” . pada perintah tersebut maka google akan membuka aplikasi starbuck lalu men scan receipt tersebut. berbeda dengan jika anda mengatakan  “OK Google, scan my receipt” maka google akan memberikan pilihan aplikasi yang harus dijalankan , karena anda tidak menyebutkan aplikasi tertentu.

Jika kita menggunakan aplikasi yang sama beberpa kali (contoh : aplikasi starbuck) , Google akan mengingat dan menyimpan preferensi Anda untuk perintah scan receipt itu menggunakan aplikasi starbuck. maka pada saat anda mengatakan perintah ” OK Google, scan my receipt” , google now tidak menampilkan lagi pilihan aplikasi yang harus  di jalankan, tapi secara otomatis akan menjalankan aplikasi starbuck.

Perintah Umum yang biasa di gunakan

  • “Search for [turkey recipes]?”
  • “Say [where is the library] in [Russian]?”
  • “What is [a molecule]?”
  • “Who invented [the automobile]?”
  • “What is the meaning of [a mandala]?”
  • “Who is married to [Gwyneth Paltrow]?”
  • “Stock price of [Microsoft]”
  • “What is [Microsoft] trading at?”
  • “How old is [Bill Clinton]?”
  • “Author of [Henry and Cato]”
  • “Where was [Jimmy Page] born?”
  • “Show me pictures of [the Notre Dame de Paris]”
  • “Post to Google+ [in the mood for a jog]”
  • “Post to Twitter [finally home after a long trip to India]”
  • “Search [Tumblr] for [music reviews 2016]”
  • “What is [German] for [pleased to meet you]?”
  • “Show me my bills due this month”
  • “Where’s my package?” (Your package tracking details have to be in Google Now already)

Waktu dan Tanggal

  • “What time is it in [New York]?”
  • “When is the sunset [in San-Francisco]”
  • “What is the time zone of [Beijing]”
  • “Time at home”
  • “Create a calendar event: [Meeting in LA] [Monday at 9 AM]”


  • “Call [Joe]” “Call [Jim] on speaker phone”
  • “Call [Tate Britain art gallery]”
  • “Call [mom, grandpa, brother, dad]”
  • “Send [email] to Thomas, [Subject: Weekend], [Message: Any plans?]”
  • “Send [SMS] to [Zoey work], [meet you in the subway]”
  • “[Contact name]”
  • “Find [Peter’s] [phone number / email / address]”
  • “Listen to voicemail”
  • “When is [Theodor’s] birthday?”



  • “Weather”
  • “Do I need an umbrella today?”
  • “What’s the weather like?”
  • “Is it going to rain [tomorrow / Sunday]”
  • “What’s the weather in [Mexico city]?”
  • “How’s the weather in [Seattle] on [Thursday] going to be?”

Peta dan Navigasi

  • “Map of [Austin, Texas]”
  • “Where’s my hotel?”
  • “Where is the [Statue of Liberty]?”
  • “Find the “Camp Nou”
  • “Show me the nearby [cafe] on map”
  • “Navigate to [Hamburg] on car”
  • “How far is [London] from [Birmingham]?”
  • “Directions to [address / business name / other destination]”
  • “What are some attractions in [Naples]”
  • “Show me the menu for [Jamie’s Italian]”

Konversi dan  Calculator

  • “What is the tip for [30] dollars?”
  • “Convert [temperature / length …] to [temperature / length …]”
  • “How much is [1] times [0]?”
  • “What is [99] percent of [99]?”
  • “Square root of [256]”
  • “[arithmetic expression] equals”


  • “How are [the Boston Red Sox] doing?”
  • “When is the next [Washington Capitals] game?”
  • “Show me the [Premier League] table”
  • “Did [Atletico Madrid] win their last game?”

Informasi Penerbangan

  • “Flight [CC 1208]?”
  • “Flight status of [CC 1208]”
  • “Has [CC 1208] landed?”
  • “When will [CC 1208] land / depart?”
  • “Show me my flights”


  • “Go to [Financial Times]”
  • “Open [surfsecured.com]”
  • “Show me [cell-buzz.com]”
  • “Browse to [facebook.com]”


  • “Listen to / play [Intro] by [XX]”
  • “YouTube [Strength wars]”
  • “Who acted in [The Walking Dead]?”
  • “Who is the producer of [Avatar]?”
  • “When was [Rambo] released?”
  • “Run time of [Godzilla]”
  • “Listen to TV”
  • “What’s this song?”
  • “What songs does [Rihanna] sing?”
  • “Play some music”
  • “Watch [Zootopia]”
  • “Read [War and Peace]”
  • “What movies are playing [tomorrow]?”
  • “Where is [The Dark Knight] playing?”

Perintah “Lucu”

  • “Do a barrel roll”
  • “What’s the loneliest number?”
  • “Make me a sandwich!”
  • “When am I?”
  • “Okay Jarvis, …” (Instead of ”Ok Google, …”)
  • “Who are you?”
  • “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.”
  • “Beam me up, Scotty!”
  • “Askew” or “Tilt”
  • “What is your favourite colour?”
  • “What is the nature of the universe?”
  • “How can entropy be reversed?”
  • “Lions, tigers and bears…”
  • “Who’s on first?”
  • “What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?”
  • “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right”
  • “Tea, earl grey, hot”
  • “What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”
  • “What is the best smartphone?”
  • “Tell me about yourself”
  • “Go go gadget [app name]”
  • “Flip a coin”
  • “Roll a dice”
  • “What is [James Earl Jones]’s Bacon number?”
  • “What does the fox say?”
  • “When does the narwhal bacon?”